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6-Week Equity Challenge

The Equity Challenge is a powerful opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of how inequity and racism affect our lives and our community.

We know that deepening our understanding of race and equity doesn’t happen overnight. Yet, learning how to develop or strengthen our race equity lens is a key part of bringing equitable change to our communities.

By registering here, you’ll receive three email prompts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning for six weeks with readings, videos, and podcasts that explore specific topics including privilege, institutional and structural racism, microaggressions

To Participate

You will receive three emails each week for six weeks. Preview each day’s content below.

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  • Each day, visit a day as linked below and learn about that specific topic

  • Daily topics include Understanding Privilege, Internal Bias, Microaggressions and many more (see below)

The experience deepens understanding, suggests ways to take action, and helps launch what we hope will be a lifelong commitment to improving equity and inclusion in our community

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Registration for the 2023 Equity Challenge is coming soon!

More About the Challenge

The 21 Week Equity Challenge is adapted from the work of Debby Irving, racial justice educator and writer, and  Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., Director of the Privilege Institute in Green Bay, WI. Ms. Irving and Dr. Moore designed the challenge to not only help people better understand the issues surrounding equity and inclusion, but to do so in a way that would build a long-lasting habit of learning by stretching it over 21 days. 

United Way of Washtenaw County in Ann Arbor, MI introduced the challenge into the United Way network.

We’ve adapted the concept to 6 weeks, encouraging participants to engage with a topic throughout the week, revisiting the questions and taking time to engage with the materials.

This Challenge is meant to help develop and strengthen  our race equity lens as we learn from new and different perspectives, deepen understanding, share ways to take action, and help launch what we hope will be a lifelong commitment to improving equity and inclusion in our state and communities.



We know that when we Live United, we must Live United for everyone.

United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community. As an organization, we are committed to cultural humility with the understanding that equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice are necessary to create a thriving community for everyone. That work calls us to lean into our discomfort in the effort to learn, grow and act.

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We’re grateful for those who have led the way in their communities and in this network, not just to acknowledge the inequities and injustices, but to do the work and commit to active anti-racism and equity in all that we do. 

The 6 Week Equity Challenge is another step toward personal and community growth. We hope you join us.