What does Heart of Indiana United Way do?

We have been responding to local needs and our community’s most pressing problems for more than 60 years. We fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community. We lead and fund local programs that help provide solutions to critical problems – our priority being the struggle of local, hard-working families to become financially stable both today and for next generation.

What counties do we serve?

We serve a five-county region in Indiana: Delaware, Fayette, Henry, Madison & Randolph. All money raised in the region, stays in the region to impact local communities.

How can I help?

Individuals, businesses, and community partners can support our work in several ways – by volunteering, advocating alongside us on policies that impact local families, supporting us financially, hosting a workplace giving campaign, and joining in our work. No matter how you choose to help, big or small, you will be making a difference. 

Why should I give?

When you donate, your gift impacts thousands of lives across the region. United Way works to meet critical needs and create lasting change. When you give, you help create opportunities for our friends and neighbors to realize a way out of poverty for themselves and their children.

Why should I give to Heart of Indiana United Way rather than to a single agency?

When you give to United Way, you are making an impact in multiple ways. You are investing in the health, education and financial stability of your whole community. When you give to a single agency, your impact, while still valuable, is limited to their singular mission.

What if I want to give to a specific cause?

Where and how you give is a personal decision and we encourage you to do what is right for you. If you have a special interest in one of our impact areas — health, education or financial stability — you can designate your gift to that. If there is a specific non-profit you’d like to support, you can also designate all or a portion of your gift to them.

Does my gift stay in the community?

All donations stay local to the Heart of Indiana region. You can, if you choose, select a specific county in the region to designate your gift to – Delaware, Fayette, Henry, Madison or Randolph. Undesignated gifts will go to the area of greatest need throughout the communities we serve. 

How do I know my gift is invested wisely?

Transparency is one of our organizational core values and we adhere to stringent standards of accounting and financial reporting. Heart of Indiana United Way was formed in 2021 as a merger between United Way of Delaware, Henry and Randolph Counties and United Way of Madison County. Audited financials and IRS From 990s may be found here.

What does United Way invest in?

We invest in programming that puts children and families on a pathway out of poverty. This includes investing in the THRIVE Network and 29 programs run by local non-profits. We also fund and offer programs to ensure all third graders are reading at grade level. These include Summer Book Give Away, Read United, and Dolly Parton’s Imagination.

How is our United Way connected to United Way Worldwide?

We are a small but mighty United Way, independent and self-governed. As a member of United Way’s worldwide network, we meet annual membership requirements and receive support and benefits such as training, national advertising, public policy support, and the ability to draw on “best practices” of United Ways throughout the world.