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Individuals that are interested in enrolling in the THRIVE Network can fill out our online interest form 
or call our office at 765-608-3060. There is no cost to participate in the THRIVE Network. 

There is Hope For Hardworking Yet Struggling Families

  • Good Jobs with Good Pay
  • Financial Stability 
  • Success for Your Children

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Who Can Be Part of the THRIVE Network?

The THRIVE Network is designed to help those that are working yet often living paycheck to paycheck — on the edge, with nothing left over at the end of the month and without savings in case of an emergency. THRIVE participants may have different backgrounds and dreams, but they are all committed to their goal of achieving financial stability for their families. THRIVE is a personalized journey to success through coaching and services, while different for each individual the average length of time in the network will be 18 months. 

THRIVE is not a Program, but a best practice approach 

THRIVE Offers Personalized Coaching for YOU!

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Our THRIVE Network is not a cookie cutter program that individuals will be placed into. Instead, individuals will develop their own personalized financial and educational goals and then work directly with coaches in at least two of three key areas over time to achieve results.

Coaching areas are: 

Income Supports – access to public benefits, free tax preparation and other financial resources 

Employment – education, workforce development, job and vocational coaching, interviewing, resume building and other employment services 

Financial – financial education and coaching, reducing debt, budgeting, credit/debt counseling, home ownership and savings programs 

How Can You Help Yourself or Other Families THRIVE?

If you would like to find out more about enrolling in the THRIVE Network,  fill out our interest form below. 
 After completing, a member of the THRIVE Network will contact you. 

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