Equity Challenge Week 2 Friday Black History Pt 2

“That is the promised glade,

The hill we climb, if only we dare it:

Because being American is more than a pride we inherit —

It’s the past we step into, and how we repair it.”

― Amanda Gorman, The Hill We Climb: An Inaugural Poem for the Country

Black history is American history and the stories, triumphs and challenges are an ongoing part of who we are as a people and culture. When we think about what it means to Live United, we must examine how by growing our understanding of how differences in our own lived experiences make us stronger as a whole.

Things to Go See and Do

The Meeting

A powerful and compelling play about the imaginary meeting of two of the most important people of modern times; Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Tickets available at Anderson Mainstage Theatre

Martin Luther Dream Team Kickoff to Black History Month

The theme: Continuing the March: Examining the Legacy of the March on Washington.

January 28th at Minnetrista Museum & Gardens doors open at 9:30 and program begins at 10 am. Students essays, choir, Carey Community Service Awards, silent auction & more benefiting the MLK Dream Team.


Why is February Black History Month (15 Minute Read)

  • Read this article and learn about the origins of Black history month and why it’s necessary to focus and broaden the celebration of Black history into a serious area of study.


  • Black History is American History (7:32)

    •  Watch this video Okalani Dawkins is a passionate Sophomore excited to create a better world through her passion for Civil Rights. In this talk, she highlights the importance of African American societies in America’s history past the Civil Rights Movement, and why we need to pay more attention to matters like those as well.


Redacted History with Andre White (48 Minutes)