Equity Challenge- Allyship

What is allyship? Acting in allyship means one seeks to understand what it feels like for another person or group to be oppressed, and despite knowing you will never fully understand how it feels, is committed to valuing and supporting people who are marginalized by speaking up.

Allyship is a continuous process, you have to work at it, commit to learning about and is an intentional act.

Today’s challenge is ment to be reflective. Try to think of a time when you felt like you stood up alongside someone. What did that feel like? What about a time when being an ally didn’t go so well, what could you have done differently? Thinking intersectionally, are there some groups that you feel it’s easier to be an ally than for others? When we think about our own allyship we must be willing to be self-reflective.

Allyship asks that we walk alongside others. It can be found in actions both big and small and in both public and private spaces. Without meaningful action allyship can be performative. Allyship is HARD because it asks us to own our mistakes and to be proactive in our education. It is not the work of oppressed or marginalized people to educate others on their suffering.


Identifying and Dismantling Performative Allyship

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Racial Justice at Work: My Friend, the Performative Ally 

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Safety Pin Solidarity: With Allies Who Benefits?

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Allyship at Netflix (2:44)

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Allyship as a Leadership Skill (15:09)

  • Lotus Smits creates spaces in which people are safe, feel valued and can grow to reach their full potential. She shares how leaders can set the bar for what is acceptable in the workplace and what is not.