“Racism is both overt and covert. It takes two, closely related forms: individual whites acting against individual blacks, and acts by the total white community against the black community. We call these individual racism and institutional racism. The first consists of overt acts by individuals, which cause death, injury or the violent destruction of property. This type can be recorded by television cameras; it can frequently be observed in the process of commission. The second type is less overt, far more subtle, less identifiable in terms of specific individuals committing the acts. But it is no less destructive of human life. The second type originates in the operation of established and respected forces in the society, and thus receives far less public condemnation than the first type ”

― Stokely Carmichael

Equity Challenge Week 6 Reflection


With this being the last week of the equity challenge, we thank everyone for remaining with us this far. We want to take a moment for reflection, we ask that you answer questions for our last section focused on structural racism. Consider the following questions:

  • How is structural racism different from other levels of racism (internal, interpersonal and institutional)?
  • Why is that difference important when determining what intervention should be undertaken to address structural racism versus other levels of racism?
  • Within the philanthropic community what policies and practices are in place that lead to inequitable outcomes?
  • What interventions might the greater philanthropic community put into place to address structural racism?

While today is for reflection, Friday’s email is about taking the next steps, whether that leads to community involvement, advocacy personal change or a little of all three.
If you have any additional questions, comments or want to discuss the reflection questions please feel free to call or email Digital Communications Manager, Holly Juip, at 765-896-5900 or hjuip@heartofindiana.org.