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Equity Challenge Talking to Kids About Race

Every families own perspective and experiences mean that having a conversation about race and racism will look different. (for older kids this might even be part of the conversation). When families stay silent about racism it could send a message that talking about racism is not important.

When we teach children that it’s ok to talk about difficult topics we are also teaching them empathy, understanding, respect and how to respont when they see things in the world that feel unjust or unfair. Creating a safe space for children to ask difficult questions and be provided with honest accurate information also helps build healthy frameworks for discussing other difficult conversations.

We know that talking about topics like race can feel challenging, especially with those closest to us. To help, KidsHealth has curated resources (in English and Spanish) to help parents and caregivers talk to children about race and racism. They provide advice and tips for talking with children who are preschoolers, school-age and preteens and teens.

Data: The Annie E. Casey Foundations updated Race for Results goes in depth to reveal persistent disparities for children of color in the United States.


Go deep with Raising Race Conscious Children Blog Collections

The goals of these conversations are to provide resources that challenge traditional color-blind frameworks. While many blogs are geared towards white people there are guest blogs that represent diverse backgrounds and strategies that go beyond a Black/white narrative.

New Narratives Are Necessary for True Diversity in Children’s Books


Devlopmentally appropriate resources for children

“Let’s Talk About Race,”

  • Watch actor and musician Common read, “Let’s Talk About Race,”a book by Julius Lester which offers us the opportunity to discuss race and how racial identity affects the way we view ourselves and one another.

PBS KIDS Talk About: Race, Racism, and Identity


6 Diverse Children with their arms around each other stand against a playground fence.

How to Raise and Anti-Racist

Giving The Talk

  • A Black mother’s reflection on giving “The Talk” to her three sons, again and again.