“It’s in our biology to trust what we see with our eyes. This makes living in a carefully edited, overproduced and photoshopped world very dangerous. ”
― Brené Brown

Equity Challenge Week 3 Friday Racism in the Media

Now that we are more knowledgeable about institutional racism, we want to dive deeper into how organizations work to perpetuate it and how marginalized people struggle against it. One sector where implicit bias and racial disparities are openly questioned is in the media. The public has long pushed for it to take account of its responsibility in perpetuating racist ideas. In today’s newsletter we share how this industry has grappled with its race and representation problems.


  • Boston Globe Addresses Diversity within the Newsroom

    Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory sent a long memo to his staff about steps the Globe will take to respond to issues of race and equity – both in the paper’s coverage and the diversity of its newsroom.

  • Why Many Newsrooms Have Begun Capitalizing the B in Black

    Read this article to get an understanding of why many newsrooms have made this change, and why it is significant.

  • Columbia Journalism Review Takes on the Erasure of Black Trans Lives in the Media

    This article discusses how “Black trans lives are commonly erased within power structures and ecosystems across society, from the broader Black Lives Matter movement to the news media.”

  • Juggernaut Challenges Mainstream Media’s Coverage of South Asians

    Read this article to learn about how Snigda Sur developed “The Juggernaught” to give South Asians a voice in media.

  • Staff Revolt at Bleacher Report as a Result of Racial Divide
    Read this article to get a glimpse into racial tensions at Bleacher Report, one of the top sports news outlets in the US.

  • New Studies on Media and Diversity Help Newsrooms Contend with Racism

    From Article: “Two new studies about media and diversity can help newsrooms through their reckoning with racism.”

  • Being the Only Black Journalist in the Room is a Privilege and a Prison

    Read this article to get a glimpse into a perspective on being one of very few minority workers in a workplace through Queen Muse’s experience as the only Black female writer at a publication.

  • Black, Hispanic, and White Adults Feel the Media Misunderstands them but for Very Different Reasons
    From the Article: “Tensions inside American newsrooms have emerged amid the recent protests over the killing of George Floyd while in police custody, including clashes between reporters and editors and concerns about newsroom diversity. While a recent study shows black Americans give high marks to the news media’s coverage of the protests, a survey conducted before the protests found deep divides between racial and ethnic groups in feelings of how the news media represent them.”


  • A Racism Reckoning for the Media Industry (8:05)

    CNN Description: Journalist and author Farai Chideya tells Brian Stelter that the current reckoning in the media business is “a release of many decades of built up tension in newsrooms where black and other non-white employees have been just trying to do our jobs and we’re told that our news judgment was wrong or that somehow we were wrong.” She calls for a newsroom integration “moonshot.”