Equity Challenge Week 1 Friday Sterotypes

“We slaughter one another in our words and attitudes. We slaughter one another in the stereotypes and mistrust that linger in our heads, and the words of hate we spew from our lips.”

― Nelson Mandela

Congratulations, today marks the end of the first week of the Equity Challenge. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We encourage you to take a few moments over the weekend to reflect.

Today we reach the end of our first focus area: Definitions & General Concepts. We’ve covered a lot so far, 
and it’s important to balance learning with opportunities to reflect.
We hope to have everyone think back on what they have learned throughout the week.
Defining Stereotypes
 To recognize the role race plays within our daily lives, it is necessary to begin acknowledging the stereotypes that are seen daily. These stereotypes can paint people in a light that is not reflective of their actual character. The first step in changing this is acknowledging the existence of stereotypes and the roles they play in our lives.

Stereotype: A standardized mental picture that is held in common about members of a group that represents an oversimplified opinion, attitude, or unexamined judgment, without regard to individual difference.

Important Tool
 Take some time to review our Glossary on equity terms and definitions on our equity website. Keep this link handy to refer back to what we covered in this section of the challenge as well as even more definitions and concepts.


  • What is the Meaning of Stereotype – (3 Minute Read)
    Read this article to take a deep dive into what stereotypes are to avoid using them in the future.
  • Racial Stereotypes are Making American’s Sicker (9 Minute Read)
    Read this Forbes’ piece to gather a perspective on why stereotypes are negative.
  • How to Beat Stereotypes by Seeing People as Individuals* (10 Minute Read)

    Read this piece to learn specific strategies on avoiding stereotyping alongside general info on the practice.


Can Stereotypes ever be good (5:51)
  • Video Description Via YouTube: Explore the model minority stereotype, and discover how it became a label for Asian Americans and is used to enforce racial hierarchies.


Anger: The Black Woman’s ‘Superpower’ (19 Minutes)
Description Via NPR: A Sapphire isn’t only a jewel—it’s also cultural shorthand for an angry black woman. In this episode, we look at where Sapphire was born, and how the stereotype continues to haunt black women, even successful, powerful ones.