Equity Challenge Week 6 Racism in our Community

At Heart of Indiana United Way we fight for the Health, Education and Financial Stability of every person in every community. As we continue to work to affirm our commitment to our community we strive to embed diversity, equity, inclusion and justice into the heart of our work. To help us center this work we are seeking individuals from throughout our community who are willing to volunteer to serve on one of four newly created Action Councils. Each Action Council will focus on an area of our work, ensuring that our heart is focused on and around the voices and needs of all of our community. If you are interested in learning more about how Action Councils will be formed or are interested in volunteering to serve please visit and sign up at https://heartofindianaunitedway.org/action/.

Stories and Special Collections

While many of these stories focus on Muncie, IN, the experiences cross county lines, and are representative of many struggles BIPOC Hoosiers face(d). We encourage people across our five county footprint to share their own lived experiences with Digital Communications Manager Holly Juip at hjuip@heartofindiana.org. 

The Facing Project is an NPR show that encourages action through collections of lived experiences through story telling.

Stories on Facing Racism in Muncie, Indiana is a collection of 39 stories that can be downloaded as a collective e-book or as individual blogs.

Ball State University Archives and Special Collections contain archival materials from the following

Muncie Human Rights Commission Collection digital collection from the Human Rights Commission from 1964-1988.

Hurley C. Goodall Papers includes not only Goodall’s personal collection but also research on the history of the African American community in Muncie, IN.

Muncie Post-Democrat Newspaper was historically an anti-Ku Klux Klan newspaper.

Ken Heinen’s 1968 Poor People’s Campaign Photographs by Ken Heinen of the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign.

and Human Relations Council of Delaware County, Indiana early records.

The Muncie Race Riots Of 1967, Representing Community Memory Through Public Performance, And Collaborative Ethnography Between Faculty, Students, And The Local Community is a collection of memories that community members have from a fight that broke out between over 100 students at the former Muncie Southside High School.

Life on the Color Line: The True Story of a White Boy Who Discovered He Was Black follows author Gregory Howard Williams personal story growing up passing for white until he moved back to his father’s hometown of Muncie, IN and learning he was biracial. Available on Amazon or through your local library.