Madison Women United

Join us for our first planning event and become an integral part of all we hope to do together. Bring your creativity, unique skills, and willingness to pitch in.
We’ll break into planning groups and you can decide which you want to help plan and make happen.

Herald Bulletin- November

President and CEO Jenni Marsh

Open Enrollment is here from November 1 to January 15. This year’s Marketplace offers more affordable coverage options and more consumer-friendly tools to assist with shopping for healthcare plans. People not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid or employer insurance can shop healthcare plans at

Herald Bulletin- October

President and CEO Jenni Marsh

Nearly half of the households in Madison County struggle to meet their basic budget despite working. The 2020 Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, and Employed (ALICE) Report, a study of the socio-economic composition of the state of Indiana, highlighted the budgetary demands of the modern era and the challenges faced by those who are ALICE.

Herald Bulletin- September

Disaster Volunteer Reception Center Training

There is an economic and logistical value in working with volunteers in times of disaster. Effectively documenting volunteers’ activities is crucial for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) reimbursement and risk management. Situations like this call for a Volunteer Reception Center—a place to register volunteers, check their background, assess their skills, give them some safety training, give them credentials that show they have been vetted and trained, and then, assign them to the work that needs done.

Herald Bulletin- August

3 children reading

Children’s ability to read, and understand what they are reading, by the end third grade is the greatest predictor of community success. This pivotal time is when children transition from learning how to read, to being students who read to learn.

Herald Bulletin- July

Jenni and Nancy Hero

Are the challenges people in poverty face in Madison County impossible to solve? Can these challenges be solved if organizations remain intractable, doing the same old same old, year after year?

Nancy’s Sign Off

Signing off with much gratitude Next month, my very capable friend, Jenni Marsh, will take up this opportunity to share information and ideas related to human service needs and activities in our community. Thanks to the generosity of The Herald Bulletin, I have been able to use my voice for a great many years in […]

Feeding Our Neighbors Campaign works to Support Local Food Pantries 

Feeding Our Neighbors Campaign works to Support Local Food Pantries Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many lower-income workers lost their jobs, local food pantries have been inundated with more families seeking food.   To support local pantry efforts, Heart of Indiana United Way is launching a focused fundraising campaign for the month of […]

Operation Weatherization

Man in blue measures window

Neighbors in our community are living on the edge, surviving paycheck-to-paycheck, unable or barely able to meet their expenses—and just one doctor’s visit or car problem away from crisis. Weatherization can help reduce energy costs, prevent potential health problems, and help keep our neighbors on a track to meet their basic needs.