Grants and Gratitude—Celebrating Collaboration Across the Heart of Indiana

Starting in July, Heart of Indiana United Way will fund $1.4 million in grants, paid over a two-year period. Across the five counties we serve, which includes Madison, Delaware, Henry, Fayette, and Randolph Counties, 47 organizations will be funded to support initiatives in Community Resilience, Read & Achieve, and the THRIVE Network.
Through this funding, Heart of Indiana United Way will be working together with organizations that are experts in their work and care about their communities. Collectively, we will work to better understand the problems people face, and together, come up with smart solutions.
Our goal in this approach is to move beyond a traditional grantor-grantee relationship into one that embraces and elevates best practices for collective impact—and is grounded in true collaboration. These funded partners will help decide the best way to learn from each other—including the kinds of meetings and reports that will best support working better together to deliver results. To ensure strong partnerships and trust, grantees will join regular meetings and work together to drive lasting change.
With over $2.5 million in funding requests from our RFP released in January, the challenge was directing grant funds to where they are most needed and will have the greatest impact. The three grants committees who reviewed requests did a tremendous job of facing this challenge and making the best recommendations to our board of directors.
• $276,000 will support 27 organizations under Community Resilience
• $223,000 will enhance efforts of 11 organizations in Read & Achieve
• $201,000 will assist 9 organizations in the THRIVE Network
The following organizations serving Madison County will be awarded funds:
• Alternatives
• Anderson Housing Authority
• Anderson Impact Center
• Firefly
• Grace Horizon
• Habitat for Humanity of Madison County
• Little Red Door
• Madison County CASA
• MONEY Ministries
• Open Door
• Operation Love
• Outfitters
• PathStone Corporation
• Salvation Army
• Second Harvest
• South Meridian Church
• St. Vincent De Paul
• The Gathering of the Queens

Beyond these two-year grants, HIUW has directly implemented several grant-funded programs targeting specific needs to support children and families locally. Initiatives include Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, Operation Weatherization, Talking is Teaching, Book Giveaways, Covering Kids and Families for healthcare enrollment, and others.
All our impact work is driven by community will. We listen to people in our communities. We take their lived experiences—what they hope for and are concerned about—and pair it with what experts tell us could work. Then, we develop programs and strategies that will make a lasting difference in people’s lives.
To make these grants and run these initiatives, Heart of Indiana United Way needs your support. Find out how you can be a part of making lasting change in people’s lives at https://heartofindianaunitedway.org/donate.