Grantee Press Kit

Congratulations on receiving a grant from Heart of Indiana United Way!

We’ve put this information together to help our grantees share news about their grant award and their funded work. 

Heart of Indiana United Way publicizes grants and grant stories through media relations, social media, publications, and our website. We encourage you to share success stories and photos with us so we can promote our partnerships that help our communities thrive.

If you have any questions about how to publicize or publicly acknowledge your grant, don’t hesitate to email Kim Williams, VP of Resource Development & Marketing at kwilliams@heartofindiana.org or 765-608-3064.


What’s included in this kit:

To help you communicate the impact of your work, we have provided a Grantee Press Kit that includes:

  • Acknowledgement language
  • Press Release
  • Email Template
  • Social Media Posts and Copy
  • Logos

Acknowledging a grant from Heart of Indiana United Way

Use this language to acknowledge your grant from Heart of Indiana United Way. We also encourage you to include the Heart of Indiana United Way logo when appropriate.

This project/program was funded (or funded in part) by a grant from Heart of Indiana United Way

Social Media Tagging and Sharing

We’d like to help publicize your work by sharing it on Facebook and Instagram. If your organization uses any of these social media sites and you share about the grant or programs funded through the grant, let us know by tagging us in your posts and we’ll do our best to re-post information you share about the grant on our socials. 

Social Media Posts/Options

Share these on your favorite social media channel, and don’t forget to download our social images to go with your post!

Post 1:

Exciting News! Heart of Indiana United Way has awarded us a grant to support our work in [specific focus area, e.g., education, financial stability, health]. We are incredibly grateful for their recognition of our efforts and are thrilled to use these funds to drive real change in our communities. Together, we’re making a difference!

#HeartOfIndianaUnitedWay #CommunityImpact

Post 2:

We are thrilled to announce a generous grant from Heart of Indiana United Way! This support will boost our projects focused on [specific goals, e.g., improving education outcomes, and supporting financial stability]. Heart of Indiana United Way’s partnership is pivotal as we work hand-in-hand to create lasting solutions for our communities. Thank you for empowering us to continue our mission!

#UnitedForChange #HeartOfIndianaUnitedWay

Post 3:

Thanks to a generous grant from Heart of Indiana United Way, we will be able to expand our [specific programs or services]. This support enables us to reach even more individuals and families, helping them achieve their fullest potential. We are deeply grateful to @HeartofIndianaUW for joining us in this cause!

#Impact #HeartOfIndianaUnitedWay

Social Media Sample Images

Read & Achieve Partner Image

THRIVE Partner Image

Community Resilience Partner Image

Your Website

Create a link on your website to Heart of Indiana United Way. You can also include our logo which you can download here.

We encourage you to use our logo where suitable – on your website, program announcement, etc.