Helping Children and Families Thrive-with Diapers

United Way has been at the forefront of collective impact initiatives that focus on early learning. Those early years are crucial for setting kids up for success later in life. Diaper Drive is just one of the ways we make sure families get the support they need for their little ones to grow and learn .

Total Eclipse of the Heart of Indiana United Way

An image made up of color blocks with children jumping in each block.

5 easy steps you can take to be ready:

Fill your gas tank before the days leading up to the eclipse, especially in areas near major highways.

Be prepared for cell service overloads, there may be service disruptions due to the increase in visitors using the networks.

Be prepared for internet disruptions as well.  Online work, meetings, etc. may be affected by the increased usage.

Place supply orders so they arrive in advance of the eclipse.  Increased traffic will affect the delivery schedules.

Shop early for groceries.  Stores will be impacted by the increase in sales, delivery schedules, and internet disruptions as well.

Soaring to New Heights

An image made up of color blocks with children jumping in each block.

Big Leap gifts will:

Support kids getting ready for kindergarten and honing their reading skills.

Give a hand to grown-ups and families as they work to become more financially stable.

Help communities become more resilient as more people can provide for their loved ones, save up for emergencies, eliminate debt, and buy a place to call home.

Heart of Indiana United Way Announces Opening of New Request for Proposals (RFP)

The RFP encompasses funding opportunities for programs in focus areas aligned with Heart of Indiana United Way’s mission, including education, financial stability, and community resilience in the following counties: Delaware, Henry, Fayette, Madison, and Randolph. We invite proposals that demonstrate clear impact on those who work hard but have limited money, are ALICE—Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, and Employed, and those who have been left out in the past.

Help Struggling Families Avoid Losing Heat

Friend to Friend Utility Assistance

Heart of Indiana United Way is again partnering with other community partners to provide support
through the Friend to Friend Utility assistance fund. Frigid temperatures produce larger utility bills than normal and thousands of families across our region struggle to stay warm safely.

Navigating Your Way to Health Insurance  

From November 1 to January 15, people not eligible for Medicare, Medicaid, or employer insurance can shop for healthcare plans at Healthcare.gov. As the Public Health Emergency put in place during the pandemic is ending, Indiana is doing redeterminations. If you have recently lost your Medicaid Coverage, Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), or Hoosier Healthwise (HHW) coverage, now is the time to explore your options on the Marketplace.

Heart-to-Heart Connections: Expanding Our Impact to Touch More Lives

Muncie Power Products employee Ben Gillum volunteered at United Day Care Center as part of Heart of Indiana United Way's 2022 Day of Action

Our mission has always been to fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person. Our commitment to fostering stronger, healthier, and more vibrant communities remains unwavering. Each day, we strive to bring about positive change by connecting people, pooling resources, and addressing the most pressing needs of our communities.

Plan Your Legacy Today—A True Gift from the Heart


Even if your estate is small or you are a lower income household—making a will is still critical, especially if you have children or are in a single-headed household. Heart of Indiana United Way has a free resource through FreeWill to help you outline your wishes in as little as 20 minutes. Find out more about FreeWill and get started at www.heartofindiana.org/freewill.