An image made up of color blocks with children jumping in each block.

Soaring to New Heights: United Way's Big Leap Campaign

The Big Leap is about working collectively to help kids, adults,and families take giant steps toward better lives.

This month, people are coming together to make an impact through Heart of Indiana United Way’s Big Leap Campaign. This 29-day Leap Year effort is not just about reaching a fundraising goal; it’s about working collectively to help kids, adults, and families take giant steps toward better lives. 

United, we can achieve so much more than individual efforts. Heart of Indiana United Way, a trusted pillar in Madison County, has set an ambitious fundraising goal so we can provide support and resources for vital community programs.  

Big Leap gifts will:  

  • Support kids getting ready for kindergarten and honing their reading skills.  
  • Give a hand to grown-ups and families as they work to become more financially stable. 
  • Help communities become more resilient as more people can provide for their loved ones, save up for emergencies, eliminate debt, and buy a place to call home.  

At its core, United Way’s Big Leap Campaign is about inclusivity. By involving individuals, businesses, and organizations from all walks of life, the effort is a community-wide commitment to helping ALL people in Madison County thrive. Everyone has a role to play in building a stronger community, and the Big Leap Campaign is the vehicle to do so. Plus, there are lots of fun ways to engage in the viral campaign, including individuals showcasing the big leaps they have taken in their lives. 

This viral campaign also shares success stories from local families—stories that are a testament to the power of your gifts and the community when it unites for a common cause. These stories inspire, like the story of a resilient woman who took a series of big leaps with the help of Heart of Indiana United Way’s THRIVE Network.  

Rebuilding her life after experiencing domestic violence was not easy. But this resilient THRIVE client endured 13 moves in six months. She was feeling discouraged about the lack of resources available when she discovered our THRIVE Network through PathStone. Her hope was restored as PathStone coached her through the complexities of identity theft and credit challenges.  

The impact from improving her credit score is nothing short of extraordinary. Today, she is taking big leaps toward financial recovery, paying off past due bills, and staying current with her rent and utilities. The most significant gain from this experience? Her ability to trust people again.   

This is your invitation to join us in making a lasting impact on lives, one big leap at a time. Whether through volunteering time, making a special leap-year gift of $29, or advocating for positive change, everyone can help kids and families take giant steps toward brighter futures. There’s still time to take part! Learn more at https://heartofindianaunitedway.org/thebigleap/.