An image made up of color blocks with children jumping in each block.

Help kids, adults and families take giant steps toward better lives.

February 1 – February 29, 2024

A special 29-day Leap Year campaign to help kids and families take big leaps forward for better futures for themselves and the community.

“The Big Leap” campaign is all about helping kids, adults, and families take giant steps toward better lives. When you pitch in, you’re supporting kids in getting a kickstart in their education and reading skills. At the same time, you’re giving a hand to grown-ups and families, helping them find financial stability so they can provide for their loved ones, save up for a rainy day, say goodbye to debt, and maybe even buy a place to call home. Your donation is more than just money; it’s a big leap toward brighter futures for everyone involved. Let’s make dreams happen together!



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