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Heart of Indiana United Way to Provide $300,000 in Bridge Funding to Local Organizations

Heart of Indiana United Way is granting $300,000 in emergency relief support called “Bridge Funding” to local organizations in order to help bridgethe gap between the end of United Way’s Emergency Relief Initiative (ERI) funding and the start of the organization’s next funding cycle. Bridge funding will be distributed to multiple organizations throughout the five counties served which include: Delaware, Fayette, Henry, Madison, and Randolph. 

Heart of Indiana United Way distributed ERI funding during the COVID 19 pandemic to address the pressing needs and hardships of local families impacted by the pandemic. Organizations receiving funds used them to provide rent assistance, utility assistance, food, and other necessities, but the one-time ERI funds are now expended. 

With United Way’s next funding cycle not starting for several months, Bridge Funding is a way to help cover the gap in support to local organizations so they can continue to meet the need of families impacted by the pandemic between now and July.  

Jim Flatford, director of community investments for Heart of Indiana United Way, said, “I’ve never seen people and communities struggling like this. Our Bridge Funding will go out for direct service needs. We are going to see a lot of households get some much-needed assistance through this funding.” 

Bridge Funding Recipients: 

  • Anderson Housing Authority 
  • Central Christian Church 
  • Children’s Bureau (Multiple counties)  
  • Christian Ministries  
  • Muncie Mission  
  • Operation Love 
  • PathStone Corp. (Multiple counties) 
  • Salvation Army of Henry County 
  • Salvation Army of Madison County 
  • Salvation Army of Randolph County 
  • St. Vincent DePaul
  • Whitely Community Council 

Organizations interested in applying for funding during Heart of Indiana United Way’s upcoming grant cycle should watch the Heart of Indiana United Way website and social media channelsfor funding information when it is released.