“I think of the coronavirus as a tutorial on racism because it illustrates the multiple pathways by which
racism can have consequences for health. One of the pathways is that racism, through its institutional
structural mechanisms, like residential segregation, creates access to opportunity in American society.
Where you live, for most Americans, determines where you go to school and the quality of education you receive.
Where you live determines the quality of your neighborhood environment.
Where you live determines even the quality of city services that you have access to.
So, in many profound ways, place, your zip code is a powerful predictor of the factors that drive health. ”
― David Williams

Equity Challenge Week 5 Friday Racism in Healthcare

For the last portion of our talks on structural racism, we will be looking at racism in healthcare. This was a topic that we felt would be especially pertinent given the current ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has especially highlighted many pre-existing discrepancies within the industry.


Structural Racism Affects Healthcare

Read this article to learn about the many factors outside of the control of individual patients, their physicians, or health coverage and how they can impact health outcomes.

Navajo Women Work Together to Support Elders

From Indian Country Today: Indigenous tribes have their own cultures, languages and customs, but two common threads run through them – high esteem for their elders, and the heavy impact COVID-19 has had on Native communities.

Investing in Black Lives and Livelihoods: What Stakeholders can do

Description via McKinsey: Black Americans face longstanding economic challenges. The COVID-19 crisis could make these challenges worse. McKinsey partner Jason Wright discusses ways to support the health and wealth of Black businesses and households.


Racism and Health – (17:42)

Description from YouTube: Dennis Pocekay discusses the effects of racism in healthcare Dennis Pocekay is a retired Kaiser Permanente Physician (Internal Medicine/Occupational Medicine), currently advising HOSA students at Casa Grande High School in Petaluma, teaching undergrad Intro to Public Health at UC Davis, and precepting medical students at the Paul Horn Free Asian Clinic in Sacramento. He has long been interested in the social determinants of health.


Take This Seriously – (60 Minutes)

Description via Crooked: This week, DeRay, Brittany, Clint, and Sam discuss the spread of coronavirus and America’s responses regarding law enforcement, prison populations, border enforcement, and the elevated risk to the African American population. Then, DeRay sits down with Andy Slavitt, Obama’s Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, to discuss COVID-19.

Why is the Pandemic Killing so Many Black Americans

Description via NY Times: The novel coronavirus is killing black Americans at staggeringly higher rates than white Americans. Today, we examine how longstanding inequality is compounding the crisis. On Today’s Episode: Linda Villarosa, a writer for The New York Times Magazine covering racial health disparities, who spoke to Nicole Charles in New Orleans about the death of her husband, Cornell Charles, known as Dickey. He was 51.