Help is Here for Madison County’s Residents
Seeking Assistance with Health Insurance

Understanding insurance options and changes can be overwhelming. Luckily, free help is available so you can understand your health insurance options—and the actions you need to take to get and remain covered. Thanks to Covering Kids and Families (CKF), navigators connect eligible people to benefits to help their health, their finances, and their communities. Navigators can help both prospective and current consumers explore state and federal options, including the Marketplace, to take advantage of available programs and understand changes to they can stay insured.

During the pandemic, participants in Indiana Health Care Programs (HIP, Hoosier Healthwise, and Medicaid) were automatically renewed in their benefits. Beginning April 1, the state is returning to pre-pandemic processes, and participants must go through redetermination to maintain their health insurance coverage. It is critical that individuals and families who are currently enrolled in one of these programs check their mail for notifications and directions on these changes and take the necessary action to renew their benefits.
The main thing all who are in this situation needs to know is—do not be afraid, help is here! Heart of Indiana United Way’s CKF Coalition Director Julie Barton and coalition navigators assist people as they explore their options, enroll, maintain, and renew their coverage.

Navigators are unbiased and their services are FREE. They help ensure plans are accepted by the medical providers people choose. And they assist those that are income-eligible enroll in and redetermine or renew their appropriate Indiana State Health Insurance plans.

A list of Covering Kids and Families Health Care Navigators and associated phone numbers. The full list doesn't fit in this space as text but is on our linked CKF page.

More than ever, CKF Navigators are focused on helping traditionally underserved people access affordable healthcare coverage and stay insured. Navigators are employed by hospitals and health centers throughout Madison County. Navigators also partner with Madison County Health Department to offer information and enrollment opportunities at its mobile unit locations. 
Anyone in Indiana can access help with health insurance questions, information, and enrollment thanks to CKF Navigators. 

Appointments, including virtual options, can be made at www.ckfindiana.org or by calling 1-888-975-4CKF. Information is also available by calling Heart of Indiana United Way at 765-608-3062.
Get and stay covered!